Jan 26, 2013

Who's a Fiddlehead?



As we made our weekly trip to VT, we decided to stop for dinner to celebrate my birthday! WE went to Fiddleheads, in West Dover. The food there was awesome! I don't have the pictures just yet, I will add them in when I do. First I ordered the roasted pork spring rolls. They were super good, although I didn't understand why they were called spring rolls, maybe it was their wrapping.

I also ordered the Atlantic Salmon, which came with green beans and "Japanese Forbidden Rice" The salmon was yummy, although thought it was a bit lemony. The green beans were nice and crisp, and the rice was SO GOOD, if you ever have a chance to try it, DO!! For dessert I had a piece of apple walnut cake (I think) and our waitress put a candle in it :) It was so good! It was apply and walnuty and had some cream that was yummy.


This was a very blah review. Mostly because its the morning after, and I has a horrible time sleeping. so I cant remember flavors very well.

Jan 24, 2013

Happy [almost] Birthday to ME!


Okay, so I just had to write that?


My birthday's tomorrow, and I'm super excited and maybe just a wee bit hyper.
Tomorrow is also "Olympic Day" the exciting conclusion to "Spirit Week" and I put that in quotes just because
a) What spirit show in pajama day, "costume day" and wii bowling, spaghetti and gumdrop towers, relay races, etc. on Olympic Day?
and b) If you couldn't tell from above, its THREE DAYS!!!! That's hardly a week!!!
But anyway....
Yes. You must eat lunch with people you have, like, never talked to except the people in your grade. Which on my team is FOUR!!! Four out of 21. But four of my closest friends. :)
Mom baked chocolate chip muffins! 30!!! I didn't get to help :(

This really isn't a recipe, since I'm bringing down the cookbook and begging the secret ingredient out of mom. More like pictures of chocolate chips that smell AMAZING!! So here they are!!!

I'm super excited to try them!
Not really a blog about food...
Happy Birthday to Me!

Jan 21, 2013

Thai Food!

Let me just start off saying that the names are hilarious. "Tom Kha Gai" Is probably the best. But then there's the boring, plain names like "Thai Ice Tea"--which I do NOT recommend.

Let's start off with the Thai Ice Tea, a orangey-yellowy substance mixed with ice. It looks like carrot juice, but tastes far worse. There's some coconut, some papaya, it just tastes awful, so I do not recommend it. 

Next, I got an awesome soup, called Tom Kha Gai. It's supposed to be spicy, but really wasn't. There was two or three mushrooms, and chicken every few bites. It was super delicious-I could've had it for my dinner!

Then, I got Pad Thai with shrimp. I got the non-spicy version, even though the spicy wasn't all that spicy. There was ground peanuts on the side (Yum) and shrimp mixed in. There was also a chicken version, but I opted for shrimp. The noodles were great amazing superb SPECTACULAR! It was the first time, I'd ever had pad thai, but still the best in my life!

Finally, I got the fried bananas to share, expecting them to be as good as they are at Roppongi. Nope :(, they were not very good, mostly the sauce. It was repulsive... But the bananas were wrapped, how cool is that!

That's it for my first post.. kind of a boring one don't ya think?
Maybe soon there'll be a recipe:)