Jan 21, 2013

Thai Food!

Let me just start off saying that the names are hilarious. "Tom Kha Gai" Is probably the best. But then there's the boring, plain names like "Thai Ice Tea"--which I do NOT recommend.

Let's start off with the Thai Ice Tea, a orangey-yellowy substance mixed with ice. It looks like carrot juice, but tastes far worse. There's some coconut, some papaya, it just tastes awful, so I do not recommend it. 

Next, I got an awesome soup, called Tom Kha Gai. It's supposed to be spicy, but really wasn't. There was two or three mushrooms, and chicken every few bites. It was super delicious-I could've had it for my dinner!

Then, I got Pad Thai with shrimp. I got the non-spicy version, even though the spicy wasn't all that spicy. There was ground peanuts on the side (Yum) and shrimp mixed in. There was also a chicken version, but I opted for shrimp. The noodles were great amazing superb SPECTACULAR! It was the first time, I'd ever had pad thai, but still the best in my life!

Finally, I got the fried bananas to share, expecting them to be as good as they are at Roppongi. Nope :(, they were not very good, mostly the sauce. It was repulsive... But the bananas were wrapped, how cool is that!

That's it for my first post.. kind of a boring one don't ya think?
Maybe soon there'll be a recipe:)

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  1. Great job, my awesome Niece!! Can't wait for the next post!!