Jan 26, 2013

Who's a Fiddlehead?



As we made our weekly trip to VT, we decided to stop for dinner to celebrate my birthday! WE went to Fiddleheads, in West Dover. The food there was awesome! I don't have the pictures just yet, I will add them in when I do. First I ordered the roasted pork spring rolls. They were super good, although I didn't understand why they were called spring rolls, maybe it was their wrapping.

I also ordered the Atlantic Salmon, which came with green beans and "Japanese Forbidden Rice" The salmon was yummy, although thought it was a bit lemony. The green beans were nice and crisp, and the rice was SO GOOD, if you ever have a chance to try it, DO!! For dessert I had a piece of apple walnut cake (I think) and our waitress put a candle in it :) It was so good! It was apply and walnuty and had some cream that was yummy.


This was a very blah review. Mostly because its the morning after, and I has a horrible time sleeping. so I cant remember flavors very well.

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